I gave a Twizzler to a four foot tall Slenderman.  Halloween is a weird holiday.

The Antennae Galaxies kinda looks like a fetus.

The Antennae Galaxies kinda looks like a fetus.

Mega Evolutions.  Pokemon X, Y.  We are looking at

If that story is legit I am just so shocked someone could be so stupid. Natural medicine is great in a lot of things but THAT? HELL NOOOO

As great as it is, Arizona isn’t exactly the brightest state…

Vanity, thy name is reblog.

Vanity, thy name is reblog.


now you try!

This actually looks pretty simple.

I was not meant for greatness…

There are no moderates, are there.

There are no moderates, are there.

Sometimes, you must take a second and remember “Holy Hell, our species made glow-in-the-dark mice!”


**click here for the second set of ponies**

Well, it’s finally done!!
So now you guys know why I’ve been taking as long as I did with this darn thing omg jsadkflahg //

I’m really sorry I couldn’t get every body in this giant thing but I was really crunching for time to get this done as soon as possibly for every one ;v;”

and I also want to say sorry about the lack of cutiemarks, I would love to draw them all but my hand, back and eyes are killing me from drawing so long ugh. 

but any ways, thank you Tumblrpon! it’s been an awesome one year with you all!! <3 

if you would like your pony in a better resolution (imgur sized it down and made it look pixelly-gross) I’ll gladly send you the set that has yours in it. 


Am somewhat speechless in jubilation.

Um… Another .gif?

Um… made to commemorate Miss Rai’s anniversary of being on Tumblr…

(I did poorly…  Framerate 1/365 ms, supposed to mean 365 days, but the human eye can’t really catch that…  Please do not sue…  All artwork belongs to Raikissu…)